Delivering Accessible Customer Experiences

We help businesses to design a customer service experience that’s available for everyone, anytime, regardless of disability or impairment.

Deliver better service and boost profits with a more accessible customer service function

Did you know that only 10% of businesses have an adequate customer services strategy for consumers with disability? And that 4 million UK consumers abandon retail websites every year, taking an estimated £11.75 million spending power with them?

"75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from a business because of poor accessibility or customer service."

Purple, the disability awareness charity

Millions of people = £ Billions in spending power

Here at Customer Touch Point, we specialise in supporting UK businesses with their accessibility strategies so they can support the needs of disabled consumers, as well as ensure they don’t lose out on the £274 billion combined spending power of disabled people in the UK.

These strategies include:

  • Ensuring calls are handled in the most appropriate way for the individual;
  • Websites follow appropriate accessibility guidelines;
  • And that your contact agents are fully trained to ask the right questions.
accessibility in customer services - Customer Touch Point

Providing Greater Choice and Control

We believe that technology gives you the ability to offer disabled consumers choice, control and independence when it comes to purchasing products online, paying bills via IVR or contacting your customer services department with ease.

Technology including:

  • Visual IVR
  • Connected FAQs
  • Personalised customer journeys
  • In-call document signing

How well does your CX perform on Accessibility?

Our CX accessibility audit, developed in partnership with Purple, the disability awareness charity, is designed to pin-point how your business is performing across 3 core areas of accessibility:

  • Company policy
  • Available technology
  • Agent training, awareness and signposting

After completing the audit you’ll receive  a dashboard of your results and recommended next steps.

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