Product Activation Using Visual IVR
Product Activation Using Visual IVR

Product Activation Using Visual IVR

Visual IVR. A major software and technology company could not complete enough self serve product activation online or within the voice IVR. This was causing high customer effort, high inbound call volumes and increased costs.


Visual IVR was implemented to bridge the gap between digital and phone journeys and also utilise the capabilities of smartphones to enable input of all characters rather than single numbers and a few special characters on the phone.


Implementing Visual IVR resulted in 15% increase in self-service rates; 6% decrease in agent transfers; 3 minutes drop in average handling time and annual savings of over £1.5 Million in year 1.

What does this tell us?

Visual IVR is a now an established technology which can quickly realise significant customer and monetary gains. Companies who adopt it in the next 12 months will gain competitive advantage, it can wrap around your existing infrastructure and is quick to set up.

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Rick Kirkham

Rick has over 12 years experience of designing and delivering customer contact journeys for major brands in the UK and abroad.