Emotions In The Customer Journey

I travel around a lot with work and often stop to grab a coffee maybe some breakfast after an early start. I did this just last week. The restaurant was relatively quiet with just a few like me taking the chance to re-fuel before a meeting and some new mums out catching up and hoping for 2 minutes peace and quiet with a coffee and something to eat.

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Mind The Gap

Having worked on a lot of projects with major brands in a wide variety of sectors, one thing often stands out, the gap between marketing and the customer contact operation. More often than not marketing and customer contact departments are disconnected and this is a real missed opportunity.

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Use IVR & Chat To Support Your New Starters & Make Training More Cost Effective

I was working in a large financial services contact centre recently. I picked up on the fact that their new starter training programme was suffering from a high churn rate within the first month of new agents taking calls. Being curious as we always are we started to ask a few questions.

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Omnichannel Solution

Many companies say they offer omnichannel communications, through an internal omnichannel solution. What they really have is a multichannel approach. Delivering an omnichannel solution means a customer can contact you through their channel of choice and their history will travel with them seamlessly and instantly.

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