Purple Tuesday: Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusion for Disabled Customers



Purple Tuesday: Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusion for Disabled Customers


Purple Tuesday is a leading initiative focused on improving the customer experience for disabled individuals and their families throughout the year. Its aim is to inspire organisations across various sectors to raise awareness, build understanding, and implement practical solutions that enhance accessibility. By committing to at least one yearly change, businesses can contribute to a more inclusive environment and benefit from brand loyalty, engaged staff, and a positive social impact.

Why Purple Tuesday Matters

  • Engaging Customers: Purple Tuesday resonates with both disabled and non-disabled customers who value inclusivity and quality experiences. In return for their commitment, brands gain loyal customers who appreciate their dedication to accessibility.

  • Empowering Staff: With nearly half of working-age adults connected to someone with a disability, staff members desire workplaces that prioritise a fair and welcoming customer experience. Engaged employees lead to better service and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Social Impact for Investors: Investors are increasingly seeking ventures that generate measurable social impact. Purple Tuesday aligns with this trend, making businesses more appealing to socially conscious investors.

  • Building Connections: Purple Tuesday fosters connections among innovators, thought leaders, and organisations dedicated to disability and accessibility. This collaborative environment encourages new partnerships and business relationships.

How to Participate

  • Register: Sign up your organisation for free at PurpleTuesday.Co/Get-Involved.

  • Make a Commitment: Pledge to make at least one change that improves the disabled customer experience. For those already taking steps, consider additional interventions for greater impact. If this is a new venture, start with achievable steps to make a difference.

  • Implement Changes: Follow through on your commitments, educating and supporting staff for better service to disabled customers.

  • Celebrate: Join the Purple Tuesday celebration on 7 November 2023 by turning your organisation purple and sharing stories on social media platforms and internal communication channels.

Ideas for Commitments

Tailor your commitments to your organisation’s needs. Here are examples of options others have chosen:

  1. Digital Accessibility Audit: Assess and improve your website’s online accessibility.

  2. Inclusive Customer Service Training: Provide staff with training to communicate confidently with disabled customers.

  3. Sign Language Support: Train staff in basic sign language to facilitate conversations with sign language users.

  4. Quiet Hours: Designate times with reduced sensory stimuli to support customers with sensory needs.

  5. Hidden Disabilities Sunflower: Implement the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme to assist employees in recognising and assisting disabled customers.

  6. Site Access Audit: Identify improvements in your physical space to enhance overall accessibility.

Purple Tuesday Success

Context is critical in delivering a true omni-channel experience. Ensure that customer information, including preLast year’s event reached a staggering 23 million people and witnessed over 7,000 commitments globally from more than 6,000 participating organisations.

This initiative is supported by 28 Purple Tuesday Sector Partners and garnered over 40,000 interactions on social media.

Additionally, the involvement of 15 Disabled Customer Ambassadors with a social following of 120,000+ has contributed to its reach and impact.

Business Support from Purple Tuesday

Purple Tuesday offers various free resources to guide your organisation towards supporting the customer experience for disabled individuals and their families. These resources can be accessed upon registration. For those seeking tailored support, the initiative provides:

  • Accessibility Audits
  • Digital Audits
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Disability Confidence Accreditation

For further details, reach out to [email protected] or visit PurpleTuesday.Co/Get-Involved to register.


Purple Tuesday’s mission to enhance accessibility and inclusion for disabled customers provides businesses with a valuable opportunity to create positive impacts, foster loyalty, and contribute to a more equitable society. By participating in this initiative, organisations can connect with a growing community of like-minded peers while reaping the benefits of improved customer experiences and engaged staff. Take the first step towards a more inclusive future by registering for Purple Tuesday today.

Customer Touch Point is a Purple Tuesday participant 2023

Customer Touch Point is delighted to be supporting Purple Tuesday this year as an official Purple Tuesday participant. For support and advice don’t hesitate to reach out.


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