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Mind The Gap

Having worked on a lot of projects with major brands in a wide variety of sectors, one thing often stands out, the gap between marketing and the customer contact operation. More often than not marketing and customer contact departments are disconnected and this is a real missed opportunity.

Customer Touchpoints

Why Do Customer Touch Points Matter So Much? We have designed hundreds of customer journeys focusing on the key customer touchpoints. Customer Touch Point have also worked as part of many different contact centre teams. Operating across a wide variety of sectors (Healthcare, Financial Services, Local Authority, Housing Association, Retail, Hospitality and Travel

Natural Language IVR

OK Google – play Absolute Radio. Alexa – add 15 avocados to my shopping basket.* Natural Language IVR (NL IVR aka Voice Recognition) I’ll admit it - I have a smart speaker. At first, I was uncomfortable speaking to it and making it do simple tasks that I was more than capable of doing myself. But it only took a few days for me to feel that pressing a few buttons now felt like such an effort for my lazy hand.

Corporate Podcasts (Part 1)

Not that many years ago, the podcast was but a small seed in the eager ear of the audio world. But my, how it’s grown. From gripping investigative journalism series such as 'Serial', to comedies like 'Scummy Mummies'  and witty educational series 'The Infinite Monkey Cage', we're plugging in and pressing play. We're listening on

NPS Or Effort?

About a month ago I had a fantastic meal in a restaurant in central London for an anniversary. It was slightly expensive, but absolutely worth it – I would recommend that place to friends. Last week I went to the corner shop and bought milk. There was nothing wrong with the experience, but I wouldn’t

When Creative Meets Corporate

How do you deliver messages to your customers? Chances are it hardly involves the postman these days. With the likes of social media, blogs, email and contact centres, you’re spoilt for choice with the ways you can talk to customers. And when you communicate clearly and consistently through all of these channels, you create opportunities

Reduce Cost and Improve Experience By Integrating SMS & Messaging With Telephony

My mobile broadband provider was hacked in November and I have not had a single piece of outbound communication from them explaining what happened or telling me if I was affected or not. I did however receive a text from my bank letting me know that they recognised I am a customer of the mobile

Time Is The New Currency

I heard this phrase yesterday in a discussion group on customer effort and its impact on customer experience design. I know it to be true but hadn’t heard it summed up in quite that that way before. Customer effort is now one of the biggest factors in delivering great experience, the hard part is to

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