Emotions In The Customer Journey

I travel around a lot with work and often stop to grab a coffee maybe some breakfast after an early start. I did this just last week. The restaurant was relatively quiet with just a few like me taking the chance to re-fuel before a meeting and some new mums out catching up and hoping for 2 minutes peace and quiet with a coffee and something to eat.

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Creativity On Hold

We’ve all been in a queue, waiting patiently whilst the agent is “busy helping other customers”. But, “your call is important”, remember. And “did you know, you can get answers to your queries on the website ”? Now I don’t know about you, but hearing these things makes me feel like just another number on

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Are you sleepwalking towards a fine

Are You Sleepwalking Towards A Fine? GDPR

I have been sorting out a few bills this week and was struck by the number of companies still asking me to give full card details over the phone. These weren’t small companies either, one major mobile provider was on the list. From May 2018, any organisation which processes or stores personal data, including payment

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