Emotions In The Customer Journey

I travel around a lot with work and often stop to grab a coffee maybe some breakfast after an early start. I did this just last week. The restaurant was relatively quiet with just a few like me taking the chance to re-fuel before a meeting and some new mums out catching up and hoping for 2 minutes peace and quiet with a coffee and something to eat.

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Omnichannel Solution

Many companies say they offer omnichannel communications, through an internal omnichannel solution. What they really have is a multichannel approach. Delivering an omnichannel solution means a customer can contact you through their channel of choice and their history will travel with them seamlessly and instantly.

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Natural Language IVR

OK Google – play Absolute Radio. Alexa – add 15 avocados to my shopping basket.* Natural Language IVR (NL IVR aka Voice Recognition) I’ll admit it - I have a smart speaker. At first, I was uncomfortable speaking to it and making it do simple tasks that I was more than capable of doing myself. But it only took a few days for me to feel that pressing a few buttons now felt like such an effort for my lazy hand.

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