CX Analytics

Get the very latest in customer analytics with our range of solutions including Xdroid Analytics and Trust Pilot Insights.

CX Analytics has the power to help you improve customer service interactions across any platform, be it voice, text or multi-channel. Our range of CX analytics solutions, including Trust Pilot Review insights, will help you gain a 360-degree view of the customer and drive brand loyalty. 

We work with Xdroid and Trust Pilot to bring you the very best in customer analytics…

Voice Analytics

Voice analytics is an automated performance management platform that uses speech and tone of voice analytics to identify critical conversations such as dissatisfied customers, potential legal and authority cases, or detecting customers who plan to cancel their contract.

Xdroid Voice Analytics Customer Touch Point
Text Analytics Customer Touch Point

Text Analytics

Text Analytics analyses emails, chat and speech-to-text converted conversations in-depth. It also integrates with our Voice Analytics platform, to provide contact centres with a 360-degree customer view across any communication channel.

Email Analytics

Email Analytics automates the analysis and routing of emails coming into the contact centre, based on certain rules ad subjects, reducing time and improving efficiency.

Email Analytics Customer Touch Point
Xdroid Operator Assist Customer Touch Point

Operator Assist

Operator Assist uses Xdroid technology to monitor keywords and phrases during a call, ensuring every call can be handled knowledgeably, in a friendly manner and importantly resolved first time.

Trust Pilot Reviews

We can provide you with a deep and detailed analysis of your Trustpilot reviews, recommending changes to the customer journey, help you improve the customer experience and grow (and protect) your online brand reputation.

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