Background Music and Messaging

Professional background music and messaging for commercial premises

Customer Touch Point Background Music

Background Music and Messaging

Professional background music and messaging for commercial premises

Customer Touch Point Background Music

Millions of tracks & ready made playlists

With millions of tracks from every conceivable genre and over 100 professional playlists, CTP Music offers huge choice and variety.

Site control

Complete control over all your sites

CTP Music can be managed from a desktop, tablet or smartphone, giving you control over all of your sites, wherever you are.

Professional Recorded Messages

Professionally recorded messages

Enhance your customers experience with specific, targeted, professionally recorded messages.  


Quick & easy setup process

We’ll dispatch your CTP Music hardware for next-day delivery. After a simple installation, you’ll be up and running in minutes!

Background Music

When you want to create an environment that creates a great customer experience you need to consider multiple factors such as decor, lighting, service, product on offer, furniture, video and of course Background Music. 

Background Music can make a big difference in the overall experience your customer has when they visit your organisation.  Whilst Background Music is important in it’s own right, it is equally important to ensure the music you choose is right.  It needs to compliment your brand, fit in to the surroundings seamlessly yet meeting the necessary licensing requirements

No matter the business type, restaurant, hotel, pub, shopping centre, cafe, leisure centre your Background Music can have a major impact on your customers experience and their decision to come back.  We will  work with you to ensure you get the best from your Background Music service.

Main Features

Powered by the cloud and running from solid-state hardware, CTP Music is an ultra-reliable service that benefits from automatic updates overnight. To ensure you get the most out of your products all customers receive unparalleled support, which demonstrates our commitment to outstanding service.  We provide guarantees on important areas such as order fulfilment, system up-time and support ticket resolution time.


High quality music systems for businesses


Huge music library containing every chart hit


Over 100 pre-defined customisable playlists


Web based control panel and smartphone app


Ideal for single or multi site chains

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