Customer Experience & CRM

We take the stress out of choosing, implementing, and tailoring the perfect contact relationship management software for your business.

Customer Experience & CRM

We take the stress out of choosing, implementing, and tailoring the perfect CRM solution for your business.

Choosing the best CRM experience for your customer's needs

Contact relationship management software is key for streamlining your processes, improving customer relationships and making data-driven decisions to increase overall efficiency. 

There are dozens of CRM vendors in the market, all with different features and functionality. And there are thousands of business requirements you need to factor into the decision-making process.  

At Customer Touch Point, we have the expertise and experience to help you through this process –from initial business needs analysis through to contact relationship management software selection and bespoke customisation to ensure you get the best possible ROI.  

Expertise you can trust

You need to find the right CRM for your business that can help you hit your targets, improve processes, and integrate with your existing technology stack. Our digital transformation specialists can help 

Thorough analysis

We take the time to understand your business needs and current processes. If CRM is the right solution, we’ll help identify and gather all the user requirements from your internal stakeholders to go out to market. Not all CRMs work the same, so this step is essential to ensure you find the right tool and get value for money.

Reduced TCO

We know every major CRM vendor and solution, and which has the right combination of features to fit your requirements. But we also take care to choose those which will integrate with your existing tech stack, reducing the total cost of ownership.  

Better ROI 

Good implementation is key to getting the full range of benefits. Our CRM implementation experts can modify and tailor your chosen CRM to suit your specific needs – from bespoke functionality to branding and more.  Plus, because we evidence our recommendations, you’ll always know when you can expect to get a return.

How it works with Customer Touch Point

How it works

When assessing your needs and selecting the best CRM solution, we apply a rigorous process developed from years of experience of technology consulting with hundreds of leading companies across every major sector: 

  • Discovery – a deep dive into your business needs, digital strategies and existing tech stack.  
  • Requirements gathering – from your internal stakeholders across the business.   
  • Market analysis and recommendation – we’re solution agnostic, so we only recommend the CRM solutions we think are the best fit for your needs and budget.   
  • Design and customisation – we take the out of the box solution and customise it to suit your needs, including integration and bespoke features.  
  • Implementation we can hand you the design blueprint for you to implement, or we can take care of all the implementation for you, offering a complete turnkey solution.  

Using CRM to drive digital transformation for P&A Fencing and Sheds

P&A Fencing and Sheds engaged us to assess their digital transformation needs. After initial discovery and requirements gathering, we specifically recommended Salesforce CRM because this would improve their sales and service processes while also integrating with P&A’s existing SAP system, reducing the total cost of ownership.  

We took the out of the box Salesforce solution and modified the design with extra features, before implementing the bespoke solution on the cloud, offering world-class security and data privacy.

Customer Touch Point

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