CX Analytics and MI

When you understand what your customer data is telling you, you understand your customers and how to improve your CX.

MI and CX Analytics

When you understand what your customer data is telling you, you understand your customers and how to improve your CX.

Resolve customer issues faster with CX analytics and MI

Many contact centres don’t get the MI they need. They don’t get enough detail, or know what to do with the information they do have. Even then, most MI tells you what’s already happened, when it’s too late to do anything about it.  

You need to know what’s happening across all your channels in real time, so you can uncover and solve issues, and reduce contact centre costs. That’s where we can help. 

By having access to useful CX analytics data, you can begin to understand, measure and enhance the overall experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Real-time CX insight

Gain far greater insight into what’s actually happening in your business, from what your customers want to how effectively your agents are responding. 

in-call analytics

Give your agents the assistance they need to help resolve calls in the moment, from sales tips to ensuring compliance, to being able to track exactly what’s driving your customers and how to make them happy.

Resolve problems
much faster

When your business is going through a CX challenge or emergency, you’ll be alerted right away. Spot issues as they happen, to take action before they negatively impact your CX or brand reputation.

Monitor every single call

Most call centres monitor only 1 – 2% of calls, making it impossible to identify trends or highlight issues. With automated call quality assurance, you can monitor every call in real time.

Insights into your
Trustpilot Reviews

If your brand uses Trustpilot we’ll work with you to provide you with a deep and detailed analysis of your Trustpilot reviews. Discover more on our Trustpilot page.

Customer Touch Point

Bespoke analytics solutions

With our range of vendor partnerships and extensive CX technology experience, we can put together the right analytics solutions for you.

Text analytics uses machine learning algorithms to analyse all emails, chats, social media mentions and more to highlight positive and negative trends.

Voice analytics applies predictive analytics to your voice interactions.

In-call analysis helps agents to resolve issues, remain compliant, and close sales by supplying them with relevant insights into the customer in real time, while they’re still on a call.  

We also provide analysis and insights into your Trustpilot reviews.

How it works

If you’re struggling to get the actionable MI you need, we can help. We’ve developed a rigorous process to ensure we select and implement the right solution for your business. 

  • Discovery – a deep dive into your business needs, digital strategies and existing tech stack.  
  • Requirements gathering – from your internal stakeholders across the business.   
  • Market analysis and recommendation – we’re solution agnostic, so we only recommend the CX analytics solutions we think are the best fit for your needs and budget.  
  • Design and customisation – we can customise any solution to suit your needs and maximise your ROI.  
  • Implementation – we can take care of all the implementation for you, offering a complete turnkey solution. 
How it works with Customer Touch Point

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