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Welcome to Customer Touch Point - we’re here to help

Delivering a great customer experience is only getting tougher, and there are many pitfalls to trip you up. That’s why Customer Touch Point was founded – to help companies like yours avoid the pitfalls and create the best customer journeys with the best CX technology available. 

This page is designed to help introduce you to who we are, the benefits of working with us, and the value we offer.

Customer Experience Audit

Due to the data we have from conducting over 500 customer experience audits with large and medium-sized organisations, we can estimate accurately how long it will take for our recommendations to pay back, giving you the evidence you need to prove it to your stakeholders.  

Our clients are usually able to cut their call centre live contact volumes by between 10% and 20%, which earns a significant ROI on the audit within 6 months for most organisations. 

A customer experience audit will help you find out exactly what’s going wrong and offer practical, step-by-step recommendations on how to improve that will have an instant impact on your business.

At Customer Touch Point we’ve conducted customer experience audits with over 500 companies in every major sector – including well over 100 of the world’s most famous brands

Typically, clients come to us when their customer experience is not working the way they would like it to. Maybe your self-serve rates are low, you’re not achieving your desired ROI on recent self-serve technology, or your call volumes and call handling times remain stubbornly low.

Often, our clients have tried to fix the problem and it just hasn’t worked. Our CX audit will diagnose the problem and show you how to fix it – with no guess work necessary.

A customer experience audit, or CX audit, works by helping you to understand what your customers want to achieve when they contact you, what influences and affects them during the contact process and how you can make customer contact as effortless as possible.

Our CX audit combines our unique Engage-to-Influence™ methodology with our experience of conducting audits at 500+ companies and public sector organisations – to really get to the heart of what your customers want to achieve when they contact you.

Our CX audit rigorously analyses the components of your customer experience.
We take on the role of the customer and live the experience from their perspective.
The audit comprises up to 40 questions, each scoring between 0 and 5, split into 6 categories.
We calculate your ‘engagement gap’ in each of the 6 categories, highlighting precisely where you’re performing well and where you need to improve.
You get the results and recommendations within two weeks.
We’ve conducted CX audits for 500+ organisations
This includes every major industry sector, including:

  • Financial services
  • Retailing
  • Ecommerce
  • Consumer goods
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Travel and tourism
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Telecoms
  • UK government departments

Whatever your sector, we have the experience – and the data – to help you uncover and solve your hidden CX challenges.

In the last 24 months alone, we’ve conducted successful audits for a top 3 UK supermarket chain, a leading home delivery retailer, one of the UK’s largest catalogue retailers, and one of the UK’s best known credit card brands.

We’ve helped some of our clients reduce call volumes by as much as 20% (and tens of millions of pounds in costs) off the back of the recommendations of our CX audit.

Not all contact centres will be able to achieve such significant reductions, but why not see what a 5% or 10% reduction in call volumes could mean for your business by booking a CX Audit.

On average, yes. We need only half a day of your time plus some anonymous survey responses, supporting materials and system access. We’ll do the rest, completing your audit in just two weeks.

The output of the audit is a detailed report with clear, pragmatic, instant impact recommendations, which we’ll talk you through during a thorough review meeting.

Once our CX audit is complete, you get a detailed report plus a raft of practical recommendations for what to improve. These recommendations are always tied to your business case, so you’ll be able to calculate the cost, the time to payback, and the likely return on investment.  

Most clients see significant cost of contact reductions, along with increased self-serve rates, improved C-sat scores, reduced call volume, reduced call handling times, and a higher ROI on their CX tech investments. 

Engage-to-Influence™  is a methodology developed by Customer Touch Point, designed to develop a sustainable way of creating customer journeys that work for the business and the customer. It ensures the customer stays front of mind at every point across the customer journey, whilst the brand still benefits financially. This methodology sits at the heart of every single project and a core part of our CX Audit offering.

You most likely know that you have a problem with your customer experience offering. But you don’t know what it is, how to find it, or how to fix it.

Our fast, in-depth customer experience audit is the only service on the market that assesses your CX offering from your customers’ point of view and uncovers:

  • WHAT your CX is like for your customers
  • WHERE your customer journey needs improving (and where it’s working well)
  • HOW to improve it (and what to replicate from your existing successes)

Every recommendation we make ties back to your business case. You’ll know exactly how long it will take to reach a positive ROI on our recommendations – and you’ll be able to make the business case for each change with your internal stakeholders.

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