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Delivering a great customer experience is only getting tougher, and there are many pitfalls to trip you up. That’s why Customer Touch Point was founded – to help companies like yours avoid the pitfalls and create the best customer journeys with the best CX technology available. 

This page is designed to help introduce you to who we are, the benefits of working with us, and the value we offer.

Customer Experience Technology

As contact centres continue to struggle to hire and keep agents, technology has an increasingly important role to play in streamlining the contact process, making it easier for customers to solve their queries whilst enabling contact centres to reduce the cost of contact. 

All customer experience (CX) technologies have the potential to reduce the cost of contact. However, you must choose and implement the right technology for your customers, otherwise you will only increase your cost of contact.

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We provide a full range of CX technologies to suit the specific needs of your business and your customers. Our CX technology platforms and solutions include Digidesk customer feedback software, Talkdesk Contact Centre as a Service platform, CX automation, Visual IVR, CX analytics and CRM implementations.

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