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Delivering a great customer experience is only getting tougher, and there are many pitfalls to trip you up. That’s why Customer Touch Point was founded – to help companies like yours avoid the pitfalls and create the best customer journeys with the best CX technology available. 

This page is designed to help introduce you to who we are, the benefits of working with us, and the value we offer.

Customer Service Accessibility Audit

Due to the data we have from our extensive experience of conducting over 500 CX audits with large and medium-sized organisations, we can estimate accurately how long it will take for our recommendations to pay back, giving you the evidence to prove it to your stakeholders.

You’ll have peace of mind from knowing that you’re joining the ranks of contact centre operations taking accessibility seriously and helping to improve the lives of over 18 million people in Britain who currently struggle to access customer services.

If you don’t currently know how accessible your CX is right now, you could benefit from this audit. If you work in any sector with a strong regulator – for example banking, insurance, utilities, or the public sector – you need to know how accessible you are in order to prove legal compliance.

If you’re getting complaints about poor customer experience from customers with accessibility issues, you need to investigate further. If you’re experiencing multiple repeat contacts, this is often from customers with accessibility issues.

Customer contact is a source of pain and frustration to 18.4 million people in the UK with accessibility issues. If you don’t have enough customer service accessibility measures in place, you’re potentially freezing out almost 1/3 of the UK population. That risks possible fines, reputational damage, and millions in lost revenue.

Our fast, in-depth customer accessibility audit assesses your CX offering from your customers’ point of view and uncovers:

  • WHAT part of your customer journey is inaccessible
  • WHO it’s inaccessible for
  • HOW to improve it

The customer service accessibility audit assesses your CX based on how well you account for people lacking one or more of the following key skillsets:

  • Hearing
  • Speech
  • Dexterity
  • Vision
  • Linguistic ability
  • Language comprehension
  • Memory
  • Intellectual processing

To conduct a customer service accessibility audit, we just need a day of your time plus some anonymous survey responses, supporting materials and system access. We’ll do the rest, completing your audit in just two weeks.

The output of the audit is a detailed report with clear, pragmatic, instant impact recommendations, which we’ll talk you through during a thorough review meeting.

Phase 1: a snapshot audit looking at the services you provide to customers with accessibility needs.

Phase 2: a scenario-based audit focusing on the accessibility of specific contact centre services for people with a range of skillset gaps. This step also involves workshops and questionnaires with staff members

Output: You get a weighted score of the accessibility of your existing customer experience, along with practical recommendations for how to plug your accessibility gaps, complete with evidence to help you make the internal business case for change.

Supporting clients in all major sectors
We can conduct customer accessibility audits for organisations in every major industry sector, including:

  • Financial services
  • Retailing
  • Ecommerce
  • Consumer goods
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Travel and tourism
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Telecoms
  • UK government departments

So, whatever sector you’re in, we have the ability and expertise to help you uncover and solve your hidden accessibility challenges.

Once our customer experience audit is complete, you’ll get a detail report with all the evidence, plus a raft of practical recommendations for what to improve. These recommendations will allow you to calculate the cost, the time to payback, and the likely return on investment of making the changes.

Ensuring customer accessibility for all is both a legal obligation and a massive business opportunity. More importantly, it’s also the right thing to do. Failing to provide accessible services leaves you exposed to multiple risks including regulatory fines, reputational damage, lost revenue and increased costs.

Our accessibility audit is the only service of its kind to assess the accessibility of contact centres. Developed in partnership with a number of charitable and not-for-profit organisations with a focus on accessibility issues, this audit will empower your organisation to:

Pinpoint Your Accessibility Issues
  • Our rigorous methodology and question-sets grade your CX from the perspective of customers with accessibility issues. We score your accessibility and work out where your accessibility gaps are.
Devise a Practical Improvement Roadmap
  • Once we’ve assessed your accessibility gaps, we use that data to devise a roadmap of specific, actionable steps you can take that will have an instant impact, complete with ROI estimates and payback timescales you can use to build a business case.
Improve Your CX Accessibility
  • Accessibility is not just about those who are officially disabled. When you add those with low English language proficiency and factor in over-65s with accessibility issues, there are over 18 million people whose lives you could improve.
Grow Your Market
  • Access billions in combined estimated spending power by opening your services to those with accessibility needs. Treating them like valued customers will pay off big time when you increase your customer base and your profits.

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