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Welcome to Customer Touch Point - we’re here to help

Delivering a great customer experience is only getting tougher, and there are many pitfalls to trip you up. That’s why Customer Touch Point was founded – to help companies like yours avoid the pitfalls and create the best customer journeys with the best CX technology available. 

This page is designed to help introduce you to who we are, the benefits of working with us, and the value we offer.

Multichannel Customer Journey Design

Increased costs. Repeat visits. Longer contact handling times. Customer churn. When your customer journeys aren’t working right, you know it. Even if you don’t know what needs fixing.

We diagnose where your journeys have issues – whether in a single channel or across multiple channels – and quantify the negative impact on your bottom line. We then design practical blueprints that your engineers can use to improve your customer journeys right away.

You don’t even need to buy any new technology – you can make all the necessary improvements on your existing infrastructure. (Although if you do want new technology, we can help you select that too.)

You can prove ROI through improvements to customer feedback scores. You can also use a measurement framework based on your cost of contact. Contact channels usually provide great base data to work with (if yours doesn’t you need to talk to us!) and this can be used to create a clear benefits framework that demonstrates ROI.

Customer journey design can be used to influence behaviour and as a result specific business objectives. This is where a lot of journey design falls down, meaning targets can be missed and ROI is lower than expected. However, using a design methodology that is proven to actively influence customer behaviour means that you can achieve both operational and CX objectives.

With our unique Engage-to-Influence™ methodology, we rigorously analyse the components of your existing customer journeys across multiple channels via a CX audit, including:

  • Telephony – touch tone and speech recognition
  • Social media
  • Chatbots
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp

We assess your engagement gaps, benchmark you against your peers, and then make specific, costed recommendations, complete with quantifiable financial benefits. Whether it’s reducing call volumes or handling times, increasing customer self-serve rates, reducing customer churn, or increasing cross-sell opportunities, you’ll get specific business case benefits attached to each recommendation based on your financials.

From there, you get a series of practical, actionable customer journey blueprints and flowcharts that your engineers can build into your existing platform.

Customer journeys work best when there is a detailed understanding of how you actively engage your customers – in brand tone of voice, specific contact channels and based on the reason for contact. This can be hard to do internally because you are sometimes too close to business operations. Bringing an experienced, external pair of ‘fresh eyes’ in to your business, who know how to engage customers can cut through some of the ‘clutter’ and add a lot of value in a very short space of time. Read How to build a customer journey map that works for useful tips.

A bad customer journey can lose you customers and generate complaints. It can also result in negative sentiment, which spreads through word of mouth and social media, resulting in possible damage to the brand you have worked so hard to develop. Read How to build a customer journey map that works for useful tips to make sure you avoid a negative impact on your customers.

A customer journey is what a customer has to do to interact with your organisation. You can measure journeys over different periods of time and multiple aspects of the process such as digital and its link to telephony or web chat. Mapping a customer journey and plotting it against customer feedback at each touch point is a valuable way of understanding whether your customer journey is negatively or positively impacting on customer experience.

A good customer journey works for you and for your customers. It uses language that is easy to understand, flows naturally and engages customers at every touch point, creating positive emotions such as trust and confidence. The good news is that achieving this has many commercial benefits too. Read How to build a customer journey map that works for useful tips on developing a good customer journey.

You need to design journeys for all customer contact channels. Phone, IVR, social media, SMS, chat and web are the main ones but as new technologies come out we always make sure we can design effectively for them too. Read How to build a customer journey map that works for useful tips on customer journey design.

Customer journey design is important because, to your customers, the journeys are your business. Your customer journeys affect how your customers feel about you and whether they will continue to do business with you. Using design that engages customers enables you to influence behaviour within the customer journey and delivers ‘win-win’ experiences, which work for you and your customers. For more on engaging customer positively, read Engage-to-Influence – Positively changing behaviour.

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