James Hay Partnership

James Hay Partnership


Constant negative NPS score when completing post interaction surveys by post.  This was causing growing concern within the business as the customer experience was high effort and difficult.  We were tasked with bringing the NPS from -40 to +30

How we helped

The first thing we did was change the way the survey was carried out, we changed from a survey that was being sent a month after the interaction to a post call IVR survey.  We also measured CES as well as NPS to get a real feel of how the customer experience was being delivered and received

The results

They are now sitting with a comfortable +39 NPS and a consistent positive customer effort score.  We were able to use the MI from DigiDesk to pinpoint the areas that were causing the issues in the journey for the customer and work with James Hay to fix these areas.  Before James Hay had access to the MI they thought the issues lied within the contact centre and the agents required further training however, it turned out the issues were all pre-agent