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Legal and General Home claims department were receiving customer complaints from customers who kept having to explain their claim every time they called because it was a different advisor every time they called.  This caused frustration at a ‘moment of truth’ in the life of an L&G customer but also increased the time taken to resolve claims which was expensive operationally

How we helped

We sat with advisors in the team and listened to live claims calls coming in to get a sense of customer emotion at that point of contact. We also analysed time wasted for customers and agents when repeating claims for the customer and getting up to speed from an advisor point of view. Based on this research we re-designed the claims handling process and implemented a new, dedicated claims advisor service. This meant once customers had a valid claim reference number, they were allocated a dedicated advisor whom they could reach directly through a new IVR which captured the claim reference. Each advisor had  2 ‘buddies’ who were also briefed on each claim and could pick up the call effectively to cover absence, holidays and so on

The results

The claims reference capture in the IVR had an 85% success rate and this meant we would route these callers to their dedicated team and had a personalised interaction. AHT of these calls reduced by over 20% due to not having to repeat information and the average time to claims resolution was also shortened by over a week. Without being directly prompted, customers praised the new service through post call surveys with many expressing their delight with feeling like L&G knew who they were when they called