Long queue times were causing customer frustration and negatively impacting NPS and CSAT, they had a legacy telephony and IVR platform which also contributed to miss routed calls.  We were asked to re-design the experience to improve the telephony and agent interactions

How we helped

We listened to live customer calls and also reviewed feedback relating to agent interactions. We then removed a lot of complexity from the telephony platform to make it easier for customers to make the right choice for them and self serve transactional enquiries. We then used this more accurate routing to deliver specific call types to newly trained agents and more complex enquiries to experienced agents and removed the AHT target for these calls

The results

Right first time routing increased by over 20% with an associated reduction in call transfers. New agents only dealt with calls they had been trained on and experienced agents had time to handle complex enquiries more effectively. Staff attrition of new starters reduced significantly in year 1 and post interaction scores for CSAT and NPS both improved by over 10%

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