How would you like to sound?

Professional voice recording and audio production is often an unseen part of a project but it is just as important as the design, the words and the voice.  Having up to date equipment is important but more than that you need a team who can bring that design, those words and the voice to life and deliver ‘your message in your way’.  The Customer Touch Point Studio has the most up to date equipment and software which enables us to deliver studio quality, professional voice recording in any format, for any platform and we also have a team of sound engineers who are the difference that makes the difference.  The ideal blend of creativity and technical expertise and a way of bringing the best out of a production session, helping the voice artists with slight a suggestion here or a reassuring confirmation there.

All of this means that we deliver your message in your way every time. We love sharing new audio with our clients and being there when they hear it for the first time. We regularly produce professional voice recording for:

  • Telephony  
  • IVR Prompts
  • On hold Productions
  • Live Events
  • Public Address Announcements
  • Corporate Videos & You Tube Content
  • Animation
  • On Hold Productions
  • Audio Guides & Presentations

Need professional voice recordings for your project?

Here’s a taster of some of the voiceover artists you can use on your project. All our voiceover artists are professionally trained and adaptable, and can deliver your messaging in a way that suits your brand. If you need a style of voice that’s not listed, like a different accent or language, that’s no problem. We have a wide portfolio of talented voiceover artists, so let us know and we’ll find the right match for you.

If you’re looking for the right voice for your project , get in touch and we’ll help you find them.


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