Restaurant and Takeaway Customer Journey

At Customer Touch Point we know that a customer’s journey starts before the meal and continues after they leave. This is because, like any other service provider or brand, your customers have an emotional and psychological connection with you.

Customer decision making

This connection starts before they order their takeaway or reserve their table.  Lots of questions go through their mind. Have I eaten with you before? Was the food as good as I hoped? How was the service? Was the delivery on time? Was the music too loud? The answers to these questions then guide the decision to go somewhere in particular or start the search for options.

Content & Contact

This is when your channels of content an contact  start to influence whether they trust to give them what they want or go to a competitor. The big question is whether your content and contact channels increase the chances of securing that booking or order or whether they put barriers in the way and make it less likely. 

Is the information they need easy to find and easy to understand? Do they receive a confirmation of their booking on SMS or email to give re-assurance? Do they know where you are and what time you open?  We think customer effort is everything at this point and you can read more about this here NPS or Effort

Do your content and contact channels work for you or against you? (our free journey review will help you find out…)

What’s your ‘soundscape’

The ‘soundscape’ in any business influences the overall experience and if you use music then it becomes a significant factor. There is a theory that customers only notice bad music and we think there are 2 main elements to the your music,

  1. Choosing the right songs for your customer base
  2. Management of the music (playlists, hardware, volume etc) being low effort for the restaurant team. 

We can help with both of these and you can read more about that hear (read here for more on that…..)


Payment card industry regulations and guidance is something many restaurants and takeaways will be aware of but it is not always easy to protect your customers card details and your organisation from fraud using current methods. One of the most effective ways to protect you both is to never see the card details and to never store them anywhere on your network. Our new ‘CTP  easy pay’ solution does just this and as a result can be used to collect payments in channels such as social media and SMS. Click below to find out more……

Customer Feedback

We often get asked if ‘everything is alright with your meal’ but does that direct question truly capture how customers feel about their experience? We suggest not. It will tell you about any immediate issues but feedback is most honestly given when captured without face to face to contact and as soon after the experience as possible.  

It is also important to be clear about what information is valuable to you and what questions you need to ask to receive it.  After all, survey respondents can only answer the questions you ask them and care needs to be taken to get that right.

We have a range of feedback tools which help capture valuable insight ‘in the moment’ and the responses from this add value and enable you to continuously improve and attract new and repeat business.  Have a read of our blog for some more insight

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