System Integration Consulting

Integrating your CX technology is about more than just technical skills – it’s about delivering an experience by making sure your CX technology talks to each other effectively.

System Integration Consulting

Integrating your CX technology is about more than just technical skills – it’s about delivering an experience. 

Create real multi-channel customer experiences

When your CX systems can’t talk to each other effectively, your customer experience suffers because journeys and data flows become disjointed. This increases manual work, human error, inefficiencies, and operating costs. Plus, because you’re not able to track data across channels, you struggle to understand if there is a problem, where it is, and how to fix it.  

We have the technical expertise and customer journey design expertise to get your data flowing across your systems seamlessly, allowing you to build a truly responsive and efficient multi-channel customer experience.  

We’ve done it for hundreds of companies in multiple sectors, so whatever your technology challenge, we can apply our unique Engage-to-Influence™ methodology to uncover your hidden costs and drive new revenue growth.  

People-focused technology

By looking at your systems integration through the customer journey lens, we help you focus on the people going through the tech, rather than the tech itself. You deliver improved customer experiences and save money. 

Know what motivates customers

With our extensive CX audit experience and Engage-to-Influence™ methodology, we can help you discover your customers’ needs and then help integrate your existing systems – or help you choose new systems – to facilitate your CX strategy.

Uncover hidden costs

We can help you work out what problems your lack of systems integration is causing and where. Are you taking extra time? Lacking data to facilitate smooth multi-channel customer journeys? We’ll find the extra costs that you could strip out.

Drive new revenue growth

Uncover more revenue growth opportunities and improve profitability through improved customer experience, increasing loyalty, reduced customer churn, and increased cross-selling opportunities.

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How it works

With our unique Engage-to-Influence™ methodology, we rigorously analyse the components of your existing customer journeys across multiple channels via a CX audit. At the same time, we assess where your existing systems aren’t communicating and what extra costs this is causing you.  

We then make a series of practical, fully costed recommendations on how to improve your customer journey and how best to integrate your existing systems to facilitate those improvements. Every single recommendation is evidenced, with specific business case benefits for each one based on your financials.  

Industries we work with

We’re able to integrate CX technology across multiple industries, including: 

  • Financial services 
  • Retailing 
  • Ecommerce  
  • Consumer goods 
  • Healthcare  
  • Transport and infrastructure 
  • Travel and tourism 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Telecoms 
  • UK government departments 

We’ve worked to improve the CX of 500+ companies across every major industry sector. Whatever your integration challenge, we have the experience – and the data – to help you solve it. 

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System Integration Consulting

Our approach is that we know how to integrate CX systems in a way that still delivers an effortless experience and reduces operational costs. Not all system integrators have that in mind and will focus on letting the technology do all the communicating. We align our systems integration approach to your CX objectives and strategy. Achieving objectives like digital transformation requires more than that and by using our Engage-to-Influence™ methodology we can deliver Systems integration that’s truly fit for purpose for CX leaders.

As part of the service, we do a full requirements gathering exercise, advise on the best approach for your business, and manage all design and delivery. What’s more, if we found that your current tech stack wasn’t the best for the job, then we’d recommend alternatives (we’re completely agnostic) based on a whole market assessment.

We integrate across all CX technology platforms, such as contact-centre-as-a-service, live chat, CRM and analytics. You’ll find more about the technologies we work with on our CX technology page.