Social media sentiment monitoring

Tracking social media sentiment and managing social contacts can provide a real competitive advantage, you just need the right tools to do the job. Our solution…

Monitors Multiple Social Channels

Monitor for brand mentions across all the key social media channels that matter to your business. Manage your owned accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more… with the ability to scan for mentions across targeted blogs, forums and the wider social sphere.

Provides Real-Time Social Insight

Track and compare social activity across multiple channels, monitoring buzz volume, spikes, sentiment and all the key conversations in real-time. Create and customise your own bespoke view of social insight and view in an external dashboard, across PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Delivers Optimised Social Engagement

Convert social noise into relevancy through intelligent workflow. Identify and prioritise key mentions, with the ability to respond through comments, replies, messages and publishing through a single platform. Improve response times and enhance the customer experience.

Enables Seamless Switching to Private Channels

As and when appropriate, agents can seamlessly move the conversation from social across to secure, private channels, such as email or chat, within the same application. Agents can continue the conversation, across channel, with full tracking and integration with CRM.


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