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Our technology solutions delivering your experience

Whether you are looking to maximise your channel strategy or work towards an omnichannel offering our suite of solutions will help you achieve this.  Whilst always keeping the human element of Customer experience at the forefront of any design we do.  Check out our methodology page for more info

Why choose us?

Integrated Phone System,IVR & 2 way SMS solutions

Customers still use the phone because they trust the human interaction but you can generate high % self serve & channel shift with our platforms and methodology

Omnichannel Solutions

Customers already expect omni channel service and organisations need to catch up. This means customer data and history being available real time no matter how a customer gets in touch

PCI Level 1 Payment Solution

Protect your customers and your organisation and reduce charges & fraud from cardholder not present transactions

Incall Document Signing

Reduce costs of admin, postage and paper while capturing sales and signing contracts while still on the call

Customer Feedback Solutions

Increase business value and strengthen customer relationships through your customers surveys

Music has a direct link to memory and generates strong feelings and emotions, good and bad so getting your choice right matters

Social media sentiment monitoring

It’s great to know what customers who answer your surveys think but what about those who don’t

Digital and Automation Solutions

Automated or Digital only journeys reduce the opportunity to generate human type emotions naturally but our tech and design method helps you build them back in

What we bring to the table!

Cutting edge technology

Full project design & delivery

Unique Win-Win design methodology

Customer journey mapping

Customer Touch Point Solutions

Whether you want to improve the performance of your existing contact channels or move towards an omni channel offering, our suite of easy to implement, cutting edge technology combines with our unique design methodology will help you achieve your goals.  With so much technology out there it can be hard to decide what’s right for you  but we start with two simple questions.

How do you want your customers to feel during their journey and what do you want them to do?

We’ll then map out the existing journey, highlight the pain points and barriers and re-engineer the journey in line with the answers to the two starter questions, only then will we find the right solution to enable it all to happen. Technology is there to enable your customer and operational goals but is most effective when chosen in line with a clear strategy based on the feelings you want to generate and the actions you want customers to take and Customer Touch Point Solutions will be with you on your journey.

Mind The Gap

Having worked on a lot of projects with major brands in a wide variety of sectors, one thing often stands out, the gap between marketing and the customer contact operation. More often than not marketing and customer contact departments are disconnected and this is a real missed opportunity.

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