Tone of Voice and Scripting


Your tone of voice represents your brand, your personality, and your values.  It’s the words you use to write your marketing emails. It’s the voiceover artist you choose for your IVR scripts, auto attendant or phone menu, and the language you use to write your on-hold messages. It’s the way your agents speak to your customers on the phone and on live chat.

With the right words, your customers understand what you’re saying, why it’s important to them, and what they need to do with this information. So when you do this across all touch points – you get a better response from your customers, and the results you need.

Over the years we have supported and solved problems for a host of top name brands throughout the UK and internationally.  Recently Customer Touch Point have designed telephony tone of voice, written scripts, and transformed customer experiences for the likes of Spire Healthcare, MBNA, Lloyds Bank, Great Western Rail and M&S.

One recent tone of voice and scripting project for a major healthcare provider reduced abandoned calls by 50% within the first week, increased right-first-time routing by 60%, and significantly reduced the need for overflow call handlers. As you can imagine, this hugely reduced the overall cost of contact, and also improved the experience for the customer.


Here’s how we can do the same for you:

Tone of voice design

We work with you to find the right way to communicate using voice, words, and sound. We then help you use your tone of voice consistently across all touch points and contact channels.

Scripting for audio

Every script has a purpose. So we use your tone of voice to craft clear, effective scripts that deliver your message, influence customer behaviour, and help you reach your objectives. We’ll write for your IVR phone menus, auto attendant, on-hold messages, corporate videos, public announcements, and audio guides.


We’ll find the right words to use to get the results you need with written content – such as emails, text messages, and social media posts. We’ll make sure your message is understood far and wide. Come and speak to us, we’d love to show you how we can help


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