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About us

Customer Touch Point was founded in 2016 by Rick Kirkham, to help organisations either fix problems with, or drive more value from, their customer contact. Rick’s career history, personal interests and life experiences led to him creating a methodology which designs and delivers ‘win win’ customer journeys. When both parties gain, positive change is created and sustained over the longer term.

At the heart of the Customer Touch Point methodology is a deep understanding of how to influence customer behaviour. Throughout any change process, organisations tend to focus on the outcome only.  In order to influence effectively you need to understand what is happening at a deeper level because it’s this that drives the customer behaviours.  To achieve this level of influence you need to engage customers and generate the kind of emotions that make this more likely. The structure of your journey, the words you use and the tone in which you use them all have a big impact on engagement, negatively or positively.  Our unique approach enables you to make improvements with a high degree of precision.

Every single customer contact can strengthen or damage the relationship with your customers and this means that your customer journeys play a critical part in the success of any organisation. The Customer Touch Point methodology can be applied across all touch points and on all contact channels and is at its most powerful when it is woven into the culture of an organisation and aligned with business goals, brand and marketing strategies. (we offer a range of programmes to make this happen too) 

What we do and how we do it

Customers are reaching out through more channels than ever. We work with two main objectives – to improve the experience for your customer, and to save you money whilst doing so, across all touch points.

Over the years we have supported and solved problems for a host of top name brands throughout the UK and internationally.  Recently Customer Touch Point have used our mix of technical, analytical, and creative skills to solve complex problems, and design and deliver customer experience solutions with excellent results, for the likes of Spire Healthcare, MBNA, Lloyds Bank, Great Western Rail and M&S.

We make sure that working with us is easy and transparent and always agree a project timeline and deliverables before we start. Our approach is consultative and collaborative and we work as an extension of your team and help you to navigate any internal processes such as brand and compliance sign off. Our unique staged project approach delivers outstanding results that last and this creates significant return on investment for our customers.

Tell us what you need to achieve, and we’ll show you how we can help you get there.

Thanks to the whole Customer Touch Point team, working with you was the one easy thing in our implementation. We knew you’d always deliver and that meant we could concentrate on everything else

Head of Customer Services

Major Financial Services Brand, Nottingham

Your IVR Designs passed through all our change processes and governance with no amendments and we can’t believe how well you picked up our brand and customer issues so quickly. Now we are live even our customers are saying how much better the new journey is

Head of Telephony

Major Private Healthcare Provider, Manchester

Your team are so responsive and the quality of work is so high we would highly recommend Customer Touch Point for any IVR and telephony project

Head of Customer Operations

Top 6 insurance Provider, Glasgow

We don’t give our clients’ details out publicly, but if you’d like to ask them about their experience of working with us, they’d be happy to speak to you. Equally, if you’d like to see some of our case studies, we’d love to share them with you. Just get in touch with us through the contact page. Tell us what you need to achieve, and we’ll show you how we can help.


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